Internet - a global network that connect you to every possible information that you could ever need. While you visit a website to read an article or to view a gallery of pictures, to watch a video or simply to check your status on your favorite facebook social network, your computer leaves a trace, a trace that could lead back to you. Your privacy is no longer safe - you give the web server that you visit your IP address, with it your location, your internet provider. That information could be easly used so that you can be found by internet identity thefts. They will not hesitate to use that information for malicious purposes.

How to protect your IP and your identity ?

There are many solutions that you could use for protection. One of the easiest is the web based proxy - it will hide your IP while you browse web pages trough it. You just need to type the address that you'd like to visit in the URL form below and the proxy will display the page, while your IP remains hidden. To accomplish that it uses a complicated php script that transfers the information from the remote host to our server and then send that data back to you. This method allows hiding of your IP and browser information while it still loads the page directly in your web browser.

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